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This really puts things in perspective and allows you to make using Lean Startup Principles a lot easier. Write everything, literally. If you spend 1 hour looking at vendors write that down, 4 hours researching competitors write that down. Every minute you spend on your business is accounted for. That way at the end of your week you can look back at your progress and measure where you succeeded and where you failed to meet expectations. You can objectively look at where your time went and whether you used it effectively. Also, when you consult with mentors and advisers you can show them exactly where and how you spent your time and they can really dig deep and guide you toward success.

This is doubly so with business partnerships. One partner will do more work, guaranteed. Problem is neither of you may know who that partner is until things are documented. You may discover weaknesses that need to be overcome if the business is to succeed. One partner may spend 20 hrs a week ” researching”  as a way to procrastinate on acquiring customers due to  a fear of talking to people. This is something you want to discover early on! An undedicated partner will bring the business down, his dedication isn’t going to improve over time “as the business gets bigger” if hes stuck with all these bad habits. One year down the road (assuming your make it that far) you’ll have a business barely bringing in any revenue because your paying someone to be babysat, even if that person is you.

If you’re wasting time that could be spent effectively growing your business, you need to make a change (and quick) or liquidate and move on. Write everything down, every minute accounted for. Over time it becomes habit and wont be a second thought, you’ll have a little pocket book always within reach and every week your business and the  active steps you take towards growth will improve exponentially.

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