The 5 £ of Success

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Some of you will be very familiar with this concept. It’s a clear sign that you’re on your way to success. Or it may indicate that you’ve already made it. The 5 £ of success is when through intense focus, many hours reading, researching, writing, testing, back testing, that you simply forget to eat. Not starvation, but literally being too busy, too drawn into what you’re doing that you cant spare 20 minutes away from your desk, or computer, or the gym, or the office. And if you do get away, it’s no more than a few minutes at the most. You dread people calling you on the phone because you’re busy, you ignore phone calls from friends even family; you don’t want any distractions. And you’d rather get busy Saturday night than go out with friends. The result, you lost 5 pounds in less than a week, the result of less meals and more or less physical activity. Some of you cannot possibly fathom such intensity and focus, you may call it depression or an antisocial streak | phase but that’s because most of you have not been that passionate about ANYTHING. So passionate that you have one goal and it consumes you completely. Blocking everything else out isn’t so much effort anymore as it is an effect. And when you look in the mirror or step on a scale you say “Damn, I lost 5 lbs. I’ve been so busy I forgot to eat.” And in that moment, you know you’ve made it.

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