The Secrets to life are in Clichés

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We are looking for some magic bullet or magic formula. In losing weight we want that special diet or pill, but Losing weight is simple: drink only water, eat clean food, work out. Want to grow your business? Pound the pavement, literally go knocking on doors, or pick up the phone. It doesn’t matter who you call, just start calling. You don’t need to waste time and money buying leads or fancy phone lines or books and seminars on sales. Just pick up that phone, put yourself out there, then learn from that experience; REPEAT. Once you’re an expert at selling random people on the phone, then you can worry about a fancy head set. Have a blog or service based business? Produce content, at least one new piece content every day. Put yourself out there.  It doesn’t matter what, just produce. The more you do it, the better and more efficient you will be at producing content that attracts your target demographic. Everything in life is easy if you follow the Cliché. Want to get fit? Hit the gym, consistently, every day. Think happy thoughts and you’ll be happy; it’s boring but it works. Look for the Cliché and that is where the truth is.  The secrets to life are in Clichés.

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