How to recognize what the media is really trying to distract you from

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How does one disappear? If you read books by skip tracers you learn that to wipe your presence off the face of the earth you have to create false leads. You buy tickets to cities and countries you don’t go to. You create dead ends that make it hard and expensive for people to follow you. With enough false leads and creating a new identity you just disappear, poof. Same thing when you want to evade (illegal) or avoid (legal) taxes. You make it so expensive and time consuming to track the money that whatever they could get is not worth what is spent to get it. You dont actually hide paperwork, you disclose EVERYTHING. You transfer documents and money between companies, countries, currencies, and languages – requiring the IRS to hire professionals to translate the languages and calculate currency conversion rates at the time of said document (currency rates constantly change 24/7). The math, paperwork, language, even companies are all over the place. The false leads you fully disclosed sends government officials on multiple wild goose chases. An entire system and network is designed to distract the IRS from what’s really happening and if you fully disclose everything, it’s all perfectly legal.
Tax Avoidance is perfectly legal.
Tax Avoidance is perfectly legal.


When some B.S. scandal happens in the media like Caitlyn Jenner or gay marriage or [insert dead gorilla here] I start to ask myself, what are they really trying to distract us from? What is the real story we should all be watching right now? Only then do you build your B.S. detector enough to see the media for what it is – misdirection and the suppression of information. How do you make the truth disappear? The same way programs like witness protection makes people disappear, you plant false leads. A public figure reveals one part of the truth, but then attaches a wild crazy batshit story to it like, “the whole world is secretly run by wild spaghetti monsters disguised as humans” and any time people hear the partial truth they reject it due to the association with spaghetti monsters. How many false stories are spread with only half truths or attached to bogus stories created to discredit what is really happening? Below is a classic scene from the movie The Matrix. I highly recommend you take a few seconds to watch it as it will illustrate the rest of my post.


The woman in the red dress is the media, an entertainment, or a distraction; a false lead. She keeps you from seeing the bigger picture hidden in plain view.  What makes the movie The Matrix so powerful is that it spawned an entirely new way of viewing the world, a counter culture based on the idea that we are born into a false prison, not a physical prison but a prison for our minds. Those that identify with the Red Pill Movement have metaphorically “swallowed the Red Pill and unplugged from the Matrix” and are now for the first time seeing things as they truly are, challenging the status quo and questioning everything. Why was Christopher Columbus the first person to discover America? What proof is there? Look up some primary sources and do your research. Or try the easy way and Google “Christopher Columbus was not the first person to discover America” start to challenge everything, common irrefutable truths even, Google “George Washington was not actually the first president of the United States” see what pops up. Does it scare you? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you refuse to search it even?

Things get really interesting when you type” George Washington was not actually…”

It shouldn’t bother you at all, in fact it should pique your curiosity; if it was wildly inaccurate you would probably chuckle and even gain amusement in reading the whole article, but it doesn’t does it? It makes you uncomfortable because it puts you in a world you don’t want to live in. A world where potentially everything you’re taught is a lie and many of your core beliefs are false. If something so simple as Christopher Columbus being the first person to the Americas is a blatant lie, then what other core beliefs are false? And why do they still teach this in school? This article isn’t about Christopher Columbus or George Washington or even Wild Spaghetti Monsters, but it begets the question, “Why live in the uncomfortable world?” Wouldn’t it be easier to just go along with the official narrative and get along with everyone else?



The further you dig down the rabbit hole you’ll start to see that all of it affects you. The food you eat, the water you drink, the medicine you take, what you see on TV, what you hear, what you don’t see, feel, hear, or taste. The things that cause death and sickness in yourself and your loved ones being hidden from you. To conspire means “to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end.” So how did the term “conspiracy theorist” become associated with nuts, idiots, and morons? I won’t list unproven conspiracies, only actionable steps you can take to better yourself, it is up to you to do your own research. But first you must be aware of what you don’t know and you must start to think critically, challenge ideas and learn to think for yourself. Once you do that you can see the bigger picture of what is happening around you, you learn how to see things as they really are. Now comes the hard part; ask yourself, “Am I really free?”

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