Where is the snooze button?

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It was 5:07 am and my alarm had been going off for 7 minutes already. There is no off or snooze button on the [Rock clock] and it probably took me 7 minutes of the Rock Clock to mentally wake up and register to get out of bed. I was greeted with my goal [Become Financially Independent] and a short video of Dwayne Johnson the Rock at the gym, “where’s the snooze button? Your competition doesn’t press the snooze button.” Even in Day Trading this is true. My boss told me his best friend woke up at 4:30am every day to trade and took 9 months of consistently trading to leave his chiropractor job. He still wakes up 4:30am every day. My best friend retired to Day Trade for a living about 3 years ago, I knew it was right for him and helped to prod him in that direction (leaving a VP position to pursue a dream isn’t easy) he claims it was the best decision of his life. Unfortunately he went back to Banking after 3 years of “living the dream” to help alleviate the pressure of “needing to make money” Day Trading and build up his Trading Capital. My friend never wakes/woke up at 5am to start the day, And frequently skips trading days. He Goes out drinking several nights a week at his favorite bar, conveniently located 1 block from his house and almost never trades the following morning (a good thing) due to not being in the right frame of mind to trade. It’s easy to see from an outsider perspective what’s holding my friend back, and it’s not a lack of capital, he took for granted the freedom trading has brought him and lacked the consistency to trade and make money every day, despite having the skill and freedom to do so. If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it. Now back to my friend, with his job and continued drinking habits he has even less time to pursued his dream of Day Trading for a living. After tasting freedom for 3 years he will get back in the bandwagon eventually, but first he must bleed. It’s 5:51 am and I’ve spent a good forty minutes focusing on my goals and what’s been holding me back. I’m on my way to hit the gym before Day Trading, time to bleed.

Welcome to Project Rock It's time to chase greatness.
Welcome to Project Rock. It’s time to chase greatness.

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