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Disclaimer: I’m not religious nor do I go to Church
Too many people don’t know what church is. I myself did not fully understand it for a time. Church is not the House of God. The body is a temple, inside each and every one of us houses God as in “God is everywhere.” The Church becomes the House of God when we all go there and praise him (yes HIM) as a congregation. That said, the new age Christian Rock and wearing blue jeans with tattered holes to church is all fine and dandy, but if you’re willing to dress up for other people yet not willing to dress up for your God, your priorities are all out of wack and your faith isn’t very strong. True believers would treat their bodies as the temple that it is and ALWAYS dress elegant for Gods’ temple. True believers wouldn’t desecrate the temple and would maintain it. Yes, I am saying it; if you’re fat or don’t take care of your health, if you deform your body with tattoos, piercings, cutting yourself, dress sloppy and/or outrageous, poison your body with alcohol and other toxins, you aren’t a true believer – you desecrate Gods’ temple.
Knocking down the walls of a church to rebuild them as an improvement is a sign of respect for God, setting it on fire just to watch it burn is not. The same goes for your body; praise God by acknowledging his true church, your body, a temple. Treat Gods’ temple with the respect that an eternity of judgement commands every single day. And when you go to praise God in a public setting; a church, a congregation, physically show others how you have expressed your love for your God – and because God is everywhere, for yourself.

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