Why Banks are becoming Extinct

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Banks going way of the Dinosaur
Banks going way of the Dinosaur

I worked retail for many years and realize that as much more efficient as computers and machines are becoming and the likelihood that they will put ALL of us out of business, people still need jobs to feed themselves and enjoy some quality of life. So I do the small things if it means allowing someone else to keep employment. Going to restaurants instead of fast food so that I can tip waiters and more importantly tipping them well. Going up to the counter at the library and letting the librarian scan my books versus using the self checkout. Going through a cashier and sometimes waiting in line rather than using the self checkout at a grocery store. And that also means walking inside of the bank to deposit money rather than doing the drive through. The other day I walked right into the lobby of a Chase bank. Obviously they are trying to set it up to eliminate tellers (this cannot be a secret among current Chase employees and people have to know this by now) there were no counters just computers and little cubicles for people to meet with a “customer service representative” who can get them signed up for some more debt. I see only one person, a woman in a cubicle looking at her computer but also looking at me out the corner of her eye, I can tell she is looking at me standing right in the middle of the lobby confused as to where to go. She doesn’t get up she just keeps staring at me out the corner of her eye. I didn’t move, I stood in the lobby staring at her, probably 10 seconds in I started counting in my head. At the 1 minute mark ( yes I waited a full minute) I walk out of the branch and over to the self deposit ATM in the drive through, I see some other people also not in their cars fumbling with the ATM who politely get out the way so that I can use it. These people were obviously not able to accomplish what they set out to accomplish and go into the Branch presumably to get some help. By the time I finish depositing my check these same people have returned clearly frustrated at not getting any help from inside. Cashiers at a grocery store have a higher standard of customer service and at a fraction of the pay of a “customer service representative” (possibly even the bank branch manager) at this location. Some customers are a pain in the ass and expect the world but common courtesy such as acknowledgment is more than just customer service, it also deters criminals. Imagine walking into a store with the intention to steal and the minute you step inside someone walks up to you specifically and introduces himself then offers to help you should you need anything. Its great customer service but if your intention was to steal then on your paranoia kicks in. You’re thinking, “oh shit they know who I am, they’re watching me, they can tell I’m here to steal!” Most criminals freeze up, put down any product they have and walk straight out the exit to seek another opportunity at a different time or place. Robbing banks is risky business but I imagine technologically savvy bank robbers are going to clean house in this upcoming century.

The robots didn't notice for 4 days
The robots didn’t notice for 4 days

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